Emma Prince – The Journey of a Head of Learning


That’s All Folks!

It doesn't seem like a year ago that I was beginning my journey as a HoL, and here I am at the end of the summer term, more confident, more accomplished, but also fully aware that there are still things... Continue Reading →

Reasons for Resilience

The sun joined us for the end of the week, and it was a very welcome sight; lightening the mood of a period of looming deadlines and the stresses and strains that were beginning to show towards the end of... Continue Reading →

From A – Z(oom)

Ok, I'm cheating with the title, there is no A and B, I'm jumping straight to C for something I promised to review last week. Coaching. The name is Prince, Emma Prince, Licensed to Coach. As from the middle of... Continue Reading →

Celebrations and Frustrations

Back to my Saturday routine this week. Workout - check. Breakfast - check. And here I am, ready to start writing. I had another email this week from a member of staff saying how much they enjoyed reading my blogs... Continue Reading →

Deadline Diva

This week's blog is later than usual. There's a very good reason for this. I've become a creature of habit. I get up on Saturday morning, do a 30-minute workout, grab some breakfast and settle down to write my blog.... Continue Reading →

A Week to Remember

When I started my Head of Learning journey, I purchased a 'book of tricks'. "What is this?" I hear you ask, "Is this the secret to being a HoL?" If only! I'm afraid it's just an empty notebook that I've... Continue Reading →

New Skills and Nature

It's been quite a week this week. Having hit the off switch last week, it was hard to get back into a routine, but when your first meeting is at 8.30 on the first day 'back', then there isn't any... Continue Reading →

The Off Switch

Having set my email responses to automatic last Friday, I have more or less managed to switch off from work this week, and it's so important. Perhaps more so since we're working from home and need to keep the two... Continue Reading →

Mrs Blue Sky

It's half-term. On Friday night I stole a game from Twitter - ruin a band name by changing one letter - and posted it on my Facebook page. 205 comments later and it's still going strong. Sometimes you just need... Continue Reading →

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