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Just Keep Climbing

This week has been slightly marred by a trip to the gym. I decided to start a personal training session and ended up walking like an octogenarian for the rest of the week. It would be fair to say I... Continue Reading →


New Year = New Challenges

On Friday, the long-awaited and (on my part) eagerly anticipated sub-topics were released for 9EN0 03. For those of you teaching the Edexcel A Level English Language spectre, you'll know exactly what this means. This is the exam where students... Continue Reading →

Resolutions for 2018

Following on from Mark Enser's blog, I've decided to set out some of my own resolutions for the year ahead and the remainder of this academic year.  Having received the excellent Cabinet of Linguistic Curiosities for Christmas, I'm determined not... Continue Reading →

Getting Steeper

I'm pleased to report that I'm feeling much better now. The voice was still in the husky stages last week, but the energy is returning and I look more human again. This week is all about the impending mocks and... Continue Reading →

Autumn Term Blues

I have to admit, I've lost my mojo this week. Starting with painful tonsils on Sunday, I ended the week with no more than a squeak of a voice.  This made consultation evening with year 12 parents on Thursday an... Continue Reading →

Camp 2 Here We Come!

I'm feeling quite buoyant this week. Having had some positive vibes from the work I've done on unpacking questions and writing specific analysis, the results are showing small steps of success and I've been grinning like an idiot. What the... Continue Reading →

Camp 1 Mini-Break

As Student B duly reminded me on Wednesday (in our EPQ session), I haven't posted in a while. My first excuse was half-term and the necessary rest. My second excuse was that we had open day last Saturday, the day... Continue Reading →

Camp 1 is in sight…

We set off last week, and the journey is going well so far.  I'm happy to report that the feedback on my observed lesson was pretty damned good. Apart from some quirkiness to my questioning style that I shall be... Continue Reading →

Heading to Camp 1

I realised shortly after I started this thread of improving ALPS that I would have to sustain the climbing references, and it's not my area of expertise.  Feeling that we had confidently left Base Camp this week, I had to... Continue Reading →

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